Tucker Time

This Australian oil and acrylic painting inspired by Brett Whitely is set in a rainforest of a bird leaving its nest in search of food, by Merry Sparks

In my dreams I can fly, and when I think I’m about to fall, I stretch my wings so wide that I am suspended high into the air – just like Jonathon Livingston Seagull. You will see that I have a passion for anything that whizzes past me in flight. I wonder what it is like constantly viewing the land as bird might – hovering, watching, ready to swoop – free to go wherever you please. Free to escape.

“Above and Below” is my gentle lyrical way of painting a landscape with intrigue. Everything seems to be alive – even mountains.

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Size – H170 x W127cm
Medium – Oil, acrylic and granosite on poly/cotton canvas

Original paintings will be delivered via the most respected art specialists within Australia; and for international deliveries, paintings will either be detached from stretcher bars, rolled and placed in a postal cylinder for safe shipment, or freighted via a respected freight service with an online tracking system.


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