Throw Another Prawn No 1

“Throw another prawn on the barby mate!”  Australians invented the barby (barbecue), and it has become our staple method of cooking for casual lunches and dinners all year round.  Even in times of a blizzard!  And to quote “Hoges” – suggesting we should throw another prawn on the barby when the rest of the world dines on sausages and chops – is indicative that our seafood is plentiful and part of our staple diet.  Most Aussies take it for granted.

Buy the Original – SOLD

Size – H92 x W122cm
Medium – Acrylic on poly/cotton canvas, framed with a contemporary black profile, silver edge float frame with 1cm “shadow” gap between the painting and the frame.


Please contact me for commercial pricing on bulk orders.

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