The Cold Room No 1

The Cold Room by Merry Sparks

I am deeply offended and mortified by the butchering of innocent victims – people and animals – by minority groups which are death cults using “religion” as a guise for their barbaric, abhorrent activities.  This barbarism is a global terrorist threat.

In this painting, the first of the series called “The Cold Room”, the slaughter of people is symbolized by animals similarly slaughtered and hung with a butcher’s hook.

Although I am an evolutionist, I am concerned that our Australian democratic society founded on sound Christian values, is at a crossroad with how to forge a way ahead to ensure that our multicultural social development can continue to evolve harmoniously and peacefully in the long term.

I question the relevance of all sacred texts in our world today and I believe that the wonder of science is all encompassing.


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Size – H92 x W122cm Medium – Oil, acrylic and blood on poly/cotton canvas

Original paintings will be delivered via the most respected art specialists within Australia; and for international deliveries, paintings will either be detached from stretcher bars, rolled and placed in a postal cylinder for safe shipment, or freighted via a respected freight service with an online tracking system.

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