Fan Wall & Selfies

G’Day Friends, this Fan Wall of “Selfies” is just for YOU – my customers…

You can upload a cool image of you wearing one of my T-shirts, Tanks, Aprons, or Tea-Towel (use your imagination!).  Or upload one of you in front of your newly purchased Merry Sparks painting or print.

Upload via Instagram using the hashtag     #merrysparksfanwallselfies     and it will appear automatically right here for the world to see.

If you’re not sure what to do, then just email me the image to: or send it via text to me and I’ll do the rest.  You don’t even have to mention your name, so don’t be shy and help me to spread the WalkAboutAussie Love and our Lucky Country!

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Some people might mis-spell my name when trying to find me. Common misspellings may be Merri Sparks, Mary Sparks, Merry Sparkes or Mary Sparkes.