Biography / Statement written by Merry Sparks, Australia

Edited by JP Paul, Uruguay

Merry Sparks with Australiana Paintings

Merry Sparks with Australiana Paintings


My Philosophy –

To provide a strong unique, contemporary, quality art / souvenir/ gift brand, which celebrates Australia’s unique identity and cultural heritage; attracts an international audience to Australia; and enriches the lives of Australians by reinforcing our identity and reminding us who we are. I have taken this abroad with the addition of international brands and symbolic icons with which we are all familiar, to enrich the lives of others within their residential and commercial interiors.

Artists often state that their work is a reflection of themselves coupled with context from their societal references and natural surroundings. I am reinforcing our Australian identity via my paintings, prints, derivatives of my paintings in the form of Aussie apparel and gifts, prestige and motorsport racing-car designs.

As Australia’s “Andy Warhol” and “Queen of Kitsch”, I specialise in painting Pop-Art considered to be very much “in” for the long term and my primary artistic focus is the promotion of our iconic Australian culture and brand both within our country and for the international stage via Merry Sparks – Art & Design.  My unique, witty and successful formula has equipped me to promote other international icons and brands which are embedded in our societies.  Paralleled yet unrelated to this, my extensive interest in motorsport has forged a niche in painting this very edgy, fan-following subject.

I also aim to raise awareness to fauna conservation and support any initiatives for which my energetic Pop Art painting may stimulate positive action. Other genres of painting are influenced by Fred Williams, John Olsen and Brett Whiteley.

Born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia, I now reside in Brisbane and I have pursued my arts career for over 30 years. My modest family education stressed the majesty of our land and appreciation for the smallest shred of beauty even where none seemed to exist. I remember fondly the smell of eucalyptus after a storm, the local creek supporting new life to discover under every rock, the freedom of adolescent exploration with the neighbourhood tribe, daily lunches featuring Vegemite or kicking the Sherrin football down the street with Dad. Admittedly nostalgic and humbled by our unique heritage, I’m never short of inspiration.

I’ve culled traditional painting techniques to embark on a new era. Photography combined with a background in technology, a sharp eye for interior design and years of painting experience allow me to offer original artwork in various media to a contemporary audience for whom brash is a compliment, individuality can be worn on a sleeve and life is meant to live.

Additionally, “Merry Sparks – Aussie Apparel and Gifts” surfs an interesting line – Aussie Kitsch, a little tongue in cheek, a little bit posh, a little bit street art, and full of heart.  I’ve painted and designed giftware – T-shirts, singlets, aprons, tea-towels, greeting cards – partly with the tourist in mind, so they may take a piece of Australian art and humour to the world, but also with enough edge that locals too will wear them with style and pride.  I want every Australian to wear a Kangaroo T-shirt and feel proud to do so and I want every tourist to wear one, so they can remember the dream from which they’ve just exited.

I am represented within Australia and abroad with my original paintings on linen, canvas and board; and highest archival quality giclée prints are available for many of my paintings on stretched canvas or paper in a range of sizes suitable for any residential or commercial project.   Commissions are welcome.

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Some people might mis-spell my name when trying to find me. Common misspellings may be Merri Sparks, Mary Sparks, Merry Sparkes or Mary Sparkes.