Bill Moss AM – I Will Be What I Am

Introducing “Bill Moss AM – I will be what I am”.

It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know the very intricate, sensitive, passionate, patriotic and generous mind of Mr William “Bill” James Moss AM over the past 8 months and I have tried to capture a certain sensitivity and generosity, which not too many people are aware of, in my portrait of him for my entry in the Archibald Prize 2009 competition.

Bill is revered by many in the corporate world, specifically banking and finance sectors, both nationally and internationally and it is due to Bill’s success and generosity that has enabled him to establish a number of charities for: Aboriginal Communities, The Arts, Sport, Tourism and Medical Research.

Bill was awarded Order of Australia AM in January 2006 for services to the banking and finance sector, with special mention of services in mortgage financing and for services in the areas of sport and tourism sectors.

Symbolism about the painting that you are about to view is as follows:

Bill’s favourite colour is lime. On that note, Bill established a taxi service specifically for disabled people, thus providing them with vital independence, called “Lime Taxis”.

The sky in the background with the Southern Cross painted in an Aboriginal format is representative of Bill’s philanthropy with a number of Aboriginal communities and corporations.

The plethora of buildings, also in the background, with 26 Macquarie Bank symbols atop some of the buildings is representative of the environment in which Bill has served, and specifically, 26 years that he spent with the Macquarie Bank.

The miniature kookaburra is representative of Bill’s philanthropy with The Arts, specifically, “Kookaburra The National Theatre Music Company”.

The walking stick is representative of a disability, and his philanthropy with Medical Research, specifically, Muscular Dystrophy FSHD.

And finally, Bill’s poem, painted around the right side of his face (to the viewer) which he wrote at a young age:

I shall be what I will be, For I will be what I am, Not for one, not for all, but for me (sic) For I am life and life is me, As long as I shall be. – Bill Moss AM

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Size – H200 x W182cm
Medium – Acrylic, fluorescent ink, shards of glass

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